DRPI-Japan & SEA 2023


DRPI Summary

On July 16, 2012, the Society for Pharmaceutical Dissolution Science (SPDS) was established in Mumbai, India, and has since become the go-to community for academic researchers and industry professionals worldwide. The organization's primary objective is to lead and advance scientific research in dissolution testing and related areas. This has been reflected in the organization of one of the most prominent international conferences, Dissolution Research Presentations International (DRPI), which is further supported by the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS). In 2023, the Japan & Southeast Asia (JSEA) chapter of the DRPI was established. Chaired by Professor Matthias G. Wacker from the National University of Singapore, it is catering to one of the most dynamic and active research landscapes in the world and invites submissions from countries all over Asia. This is reflected by our scientific committee members.

    Inviting abstracts

    We warmly invite abstract submissions from researchers across Japan and South East Asia for the above event. Abstracts are welcome from young early level researchers (Undergraduate, Pharm.D., M.Sc.) to research professionals (PhD, Postdoc, Industry) across academia and industry.

    Inviting Abstracts for Oral Presentation in the above forum, from young researchers of age below 40 years (as of May 31, 2023).

    Abstracts would be accepted from May 08 till Jun 09, 2023 under two categories:

    1. Category 1a: Pharm.D. | Pharm. Sci. | M.Sc.
    2. Category 1b: UROPS FYP | Sci Phi [Only for DRPI-JSEA 2023 regional competition]
    3. Category 2: PhD | Postdoc | Industry

    in the areas of research related to:

    1. Dissolution & Solubility Modulation
    2. In vitro Release/Permeation Studies of Conventional & Novel Dosage Forms, including Herbals, Nutraceuticals & Cosmeceuticals
    3. Pharmacokinetics & IVIVC Studies
    4. Modified Dissolution Equipment & Methodologies, including Biorelevant Media & Automation
    5. Computational Tools, PBPK Modelling

    How to participate?

    To participate in the competition, it is essential to carefully read and follow the provided guidelines for preparing the Abstract and a 10-minute Oral Video Presentation that is uploaded (recording).

    1. It is crucial to ensure that your research work presented in the abstract is original and has not been published or presented at any previous conference. Additionally, it is imperative to avoid plagiarism by making sure that the content of the abstract is not copied from any other source.
    2. Please note that only one abstract per presenting author will be accepted for the competition.
    3. The abstract should be no more than a 250-word summary of their research findings and up to two (2) images. The format should include Title, Author/s, Affiliation, Purpose, Methods, Results and Conclusion. Title, author/s and affiliation will not be counted towards 250 words.

    Keep a watch and follow the Key Timelines. 

    Why should you participate in DRPI-JSEA?

    International Exposure

    Put your hours of hard work in an international stage and let the world know about your research excellence.

    Recognition and Networking

    Gain profile recognition amongst acclaimed scientists and have excellent networking opportunities.

    Present to Global Audience

    Winners of DRPI-JSEA qualify for DRPI-World and compete with other regional champions.

    Grab Attractive Cash Prize and Certificates

    Top 3 winners in each category of DRPI-JSEA will be awarded with cash prize and certificates.

    Awards and Recognition

    DRPI-JSEA 2023

    Category 1ab
    Early Level Researcher
    Pharm.D. | Pharm. Sci. | M.Sc.
    UROPS FYP / Sci Phi

    Top 3 winners in each category of DRPI-JSEA will be awarded with cash prize and certificates.

    Category 2
    Research Professionals
    PhD | Postdoc | Industry

    Top 3 winners in each category of DRPI-JSEA will be awarded with cash prize and certificates.

    Key Timelines


    Abstract Submissions

    Start: Monday, May 08, 2023
    Last date: Friday, Jun 09, 2023, 23:59 SGT

    Preliminary Round

    Acceptance notification: Friday, Jun 16, 2023

    Video submission

    Last date: Friday, Jul 14, 2023, 23:59 SGT
    Announcement of finalists: Friday, July 21, 2023

    DRPI JSEA Finals

    Wednesday, August 02, 2023

    DRPI World Finals

    Saturday & Sunday, September 23 & 24, 2023
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