List of Accepted Abstracts

PhD | Postdoc | Industry

Poster No. Abstract title
P01Ageing as a Stabilising Process for Sustainable Dissolution Enhancement in a Carrier Tailored Atovaquone Electrospun
P02Mechanistic exploration of the drug release properties of advanced semisolid dosage forms using the dispersion releaser
P03Role of Cell Interactions of PLG Nanoparticles in the Drug Delivery Lifecycle
P04Understanding the Structure-Release Relationships of Sepineo
P05Use of PBPK modelling for predicting absorption and systemic exposure of compounds with complex absorption kinetics: a case study on stevioside and its metabolites

Pharm.D. | Pharm. Sci. | M.Sc.

Poster No. Abstract title
M01Drug release from a biodegradable Chemo-Radioembolization agent loaded with Sm-153 Radionuclide and Doxorubicin
M02Particle Size and In Vitro Correlation of Transdermal Patch Development Based on Nanophytosomes of Leaf Ethanol Extract of Kenikir (Cosmos caudatus) as Prevention Efforts Complication Dislipid


Poster No. Abstract title
U01Developing and optimising an in vitro gel-based release assay for subcutaneously administered insulins with the USP dissolution apparatus IV
U02Development of Autoclave Stable Cationic Polymer Eluting Antifungal Contact Lenses for Fusarium Keratitis

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