DRPI-US 2023

Guidelines for online abstract submission

Please read carefully and follow the guidelines provided below for the online submission of abstract

  1. You need to use online form to submit your abstract
  2. Select appropriate theme from the dropdown Area of Research
  3. Select the category for your submission (Pharm D. / M.S.  or  Ph.D. / Post Doctoral / Industry Professional)
  4. Write Title of abstract in the field provided
  5. In the area provided for uploading ‘abstract body’ file, please upload pdf/doc/docx file as per model abstract provided for reference. Guidelines for preparing abstract body text is provided below. Restrict body text to a maximum of 800 words.
  6. Presenting author details are to be provided in the section below Abstract Body Text. You need to provide, name, contact information, and affiliation details.
  7. Details of co-author or advisor/s are to be provided in appropriate section following the details of Presenting Author.
  8. You can add details of up to 5 additional authors linked with your abstract.
  9. Acknowledgements: Please ensure to write acknowledgements only in the section provided. DO NOT include it in Abstract Body. Restrict it to a maximum of 50 words.
  10. Select Checkbox for the undertaking provided.
  11. Re-check and confirm all the details filled-in by you before you click on submit.


On submission of your Abstract, you will receive an on-screen acknowledgment.

The submitted abstract will be sent to an expert committee for evaluation of the focus of research work to the theme of the conference, scientific content, as well as the accuracy of language and grammar. You will be notified of acceptance or rejection by email.

The list of accepted abstracts will be published on the DRPI website (drpi.spds.world/US/) according to the specified timelines. 

Guidelines for pre-recorded oral presentation and submission

Please follow these guidelines for preparing and submitting your pre-recorded oral video presentation:
Prepare PowerPoint slides: Organize your presentation into Title, Background & Rationale, Method, Results, Data Analysis, and Conclusions. References may be inserted at the end of the presentation or as footnotes on individual slides. Use provided presentation template
Pre-recorded video: Record a 10-minute oral video presentation, with the clear video of the presenter appearing on the top-right of the slides. Ensure that the audio narration is clear, audible, and pleasant to listen to.
Recording platform: We suggest using a reliable platform that allows the output of Full-HD video file which can be uploaded and shared using platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. Please ensure that your video is accessible and can be viewed without any restrictions, such as login requirements or private settings.


The video presentations will be reviewed by a committee of experts. The video presentations will be evaluated on the criteria mentioned below.


  1. Clarity and effectiveness of the presentation: The presentation should be clear, well-organized, and effectively convey the research findings to the audience.
  2. Quality of the scientific content: The presentation should demonstrate a sound understanding of the scientific principles and methods involved in the research.
  3. Use of visual aids: Visual aids should be clear, effective, and used appropriately to support the presentation.
  4. Originality and impact of the research: The presentation should showcase original and impactful research that contributes to the field of pharmaceutical sciences.
  5. Professionalism: The presenter should display professionalism and effective communication skills throughout the presentation.
  6. Ability to answer questions: During the final live presentation, the presenters will also be evaluated on their ability to effectively answer questions related to their research and demonstrate a deep understanding of the topic.

Contact for DRPI-US 2023

In case of any queries, you may contact:

  • Professor Hardeep Singh Saluja: hardeep.saluja@swosu.edu  |  (580)-774-3727

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