DRPI-US 2023 Finalists

Ph.D. | Post Doctoral Trainees | Industry Professionals

  1. Shumaiya Ferdoush (Purdue University): Semi-mechanistic reduced order model of pharmaceutical tablet dissolution for design, optimization, and control of manufacturing processes
  2. Angela Hu (Bristol Myers Squibb): Assessment of 250-mL Volume Vessels for Use in Biorelevant Dissolution
  3. Akshay Narula (University of Connecticut): Exploring the mechanisms behind increased absorption in rapidly dissolving amorphous solid dispersions
  4. Sushesh Srivatsa Palakurthi (Texas A&M University): Development and Validation of Microdialysis-Based Discriminatory and Biorelevant In vitro Release Testing Instrument for Complex Ophthalmic Products
  5. Angela Ren (University of Texas): A mechanistic understanding of drug release mechanisms from long-acting ethylene vinyl acetate implants
  6. Niloufar Salehi (Eli Lilly & Company): Comparative evaluation of dissolution performance in USP 2 setup and alternative stirrers and vessel designs: A systematic computational investigation

A Global Dissolution Research Presentations
Competition for Young Pharmaceutical Researchers.

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