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Poster No. Abstract title
P01A comparative study of in-vitro dissolution profiles using various formulation approaches of Diroximel fumarate.
P02A novel USP IV bicarbonate based dissolution method to predict in vivo performance of an immediate release tablet formulation containing BCS class II drug
P03A QbD approach for the development of discriminatory dissolution method for Vorinostat 5O5[b2] formulation
P04Amphotericin B Nanoformulation Insta-AmB - Tracking Safer Monomeric AmB release
P05Cisplatin(IV) prodrug and venetoclax loaded phenylboronic acid-modified TPGS-lactide polymeric nanoparticles: Targeting multiple cellular pathways in breast cancer management
P06Comparative analysis of in vitro dissolution profile and in vivo pharmacokinetics of niclosamide from polymeric amorphous solid dispersion and coamorphous delivery system
P07Development and Evaluation of Inclusion Complex of Bedaquiline Fumarate to Improve Biopharmaceutical Performance
P08Development and in vitro release studies of Paliperidone nanoformulations for nasal delivery
P09Development and Validation of in vitro release testing method for Dapsone topical gel formulation using vertical diffusion cell apparatus
P10Development of methotrexate loaded long acting in-situ gel formulation for the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis
P11Drug Release Studies of Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery System of an Anticancer Drug
P12Enhanced in vitro dissolution, in vivo pharmacokinetics and cytotoxicity of telmisartan using nanosuspension approach
P13Evaluation of suitability of USP type IV flow-through apparatus to examine the dissolution behavior of efavirenz delivered via proliposomes
P14Formulation and evaluation of oral Guggulosomes loaded with gold nanoparticles synthesized from hydroalcoholic extract of Tinospora cordifolia Miers
P15Formulation Development and In-vitro Studies of Novel Micro-emulgel for Candidiasis
P16Four-Dimensional (4D) Printed Construct from Thermo-Responsive Self-Folding Feedstock for Pharmaceutical Applications
P17High permeation vesicle-mediated localized delivery of fulvestrant for treating breast cancer
P18Investigation of Co-crystal Formation as a Strategy to Improve the Stability and Solubility of Antispasmodic drug in Immediate Release Tablets
P19Mucoadhesive lecithin-chitosan hybrid nanoparticles for augmented oral delivery, in vitro efficacy and safety of dasatinib
P20Novel Bio-Predictive High Shear Based Dissolution Method for In Vitro Evaluation of Prolong Release Erodible Formulation
P21Optimization and Cytotoxic Evaluation of a Novel Andrographis Extract and Sesame Oil Emulgel through QbD Approach
P22Phospholipid - coated biomimetic membranes for permeability studies - preparation and evaluation
P23Selection of phytoconstituents for targeting PPARs in NAFLD: A in-silico & molecular docking based pharmacokinetic study
P24Solid self nano-emulsifying drug delivery system (SNEDDS) improves dissolution, endows in-vitro efficacy and pharmacokinetic profile of Dasatinib
P25Unveiling the Potency of Nano Cream-Gel formulated with Alpha Hydroxy Acid in Skin Rejuvenation: A Comprehensive Investigation Bridging In Vitro and Animal Studies

M.Pharm | Pharm D.

Poster No. Abstract title
M01A systematic approach to study influence of coating composition of Carboxymethyl Ethyl Cellulose on in vitro release of extended-release formulations of a highly soluble drug
M02Assessment of In Vitro Release behavior of Injectable Gel loaded with Polymeric Micelles for management of Volumetric Muscle Loss
M03Bioinspired labrum Shaped Stereolithography Assisted 3D Printed Hollow Microneedles (HMNs) For Effectual Delivery of Ceftriaxone Sodium
M04Comparative in vitro physicochemical assessment of both conventionally and additively manufactured sustained release tablets
M05Comparative in vitro between conventional and novel formulation for Rheumatoid Arthritis

M06Design and Evaluation of Novel Topical Delivery System for Enhancing Penetration of Poorly Soluble Anti-Arthritic agents
M07Design, Development and Evaluation of Doxorubicin Hydrochloride loaded Patch for Transdermal Drug Delivery
M08Development and Charecterization of Temperature and Ion-Sensitive Ofloxacin loaded In-Situ Gel for Ocular delivery

M09Development and Evaluation of Curcumin And Cyclosporine Loaded Nanoemulgel for management of Psoriasis
M10Development and in vitro release studies of starch based Tinidazole microparticles for colonic delivery
M11Development and Permeation Studies of Fluocinolone Acetonide Microneedles for Posterior Uveitis
M12Development and release studies of lipid microparticles of Carbamazepine for nasal delivery
M13Development and release studies of Norfloxacin microspheres for topical delivery
M14Development of nanostructured lipid carriers for enhancing oral bioavailability of Ursolic acid
M15Development of Tinidazole and Pantoprazole sodium sesquihydrate loaded bio adhesive pellets for management of Helicobacter pylori infection
M16Dissolution and Diffusion from Lecithin Based Solid Dispersion: Mechanism and Role of Polymer in Release Enhancement
M17Dissolution Enhancement of Lovastatin by cocrystallization
M18Dissolution studies of solid dispersions of Antihyperuricemic drug
M19Dissolution study and evaluation of an extended release tablets
M20Effect of surfactant on the drug release behaviour from amorphous solid dispersions
M21Efficacy study of nanosilver based amorphous hydrogel for wound healing
M22Evaluating bile salt based co-amorphous system of sorafenib using in-vitro dissolution and in-vivo pharmacokinetic studies
M23Evaluation of Permeability enhancement potential of Terbinafine Hydrochloride using Microemulsion based shampoo hair gel for Tinea capitis
M24Evaluation of skin penetration potential of Microemulsion based Gel of Quercetin for therapeutic activity of Psoriasis
M25Exploring the potential of nanofiber technology to enhance bioavailability of Azilsartan medoximil
M26Fabrication of binary and ternary ASDs of pretomanid: Improved dissolution and biopharmaceutical performance
M27Favipiravir Solid Lipid Nanoparticles- In vitro dissolution using USP II with Novel dialysis adaptor
M28Formulation and Development of Microsponges for Acne Vulgaris giving controlled and targeted release
M29Formulation and Evaluation of Modified Release Oxybutynin Hydrochloride Matrix Tablet
M30Formulation and In-Vitro Characterization of Atenolol Transdermal film with Natural Polysaccharide
M31Formulation and Permeability Enhancement of Bromocriptine Loaded Bilosomal Nasal In-Situ Gel
M32Formulation development and in-vitro characterization of hot-melt extruded cyclosporine ocular inserts for dry eye disease
M33Formulation development and in-vitro evaluation of a novel formulation of Acyclovir- loaded cubosomes dispersed in Olopatadine HCl in-situ gel
M34Formulation, Development and Evaluation Of Novel Drug Delivery System for Management of HIV latency
M35High-throughput screening protocol for in-vitro release testing for Atrigel drug delivery system: An unconventional dissolution
M36Impact of test parameters on in vitro release of an antirheumatic drug from microemulgel
M37In vitro and ex vivo skin permeation studies of novel topical gel for cutaneous lupus erythematosus
M38Investigating enteric polymers to formulate solid dispersion using hot melt extrusion (HME)technology for enhancing oral bioavailability: A case study using fenofibrate as a model drug
M39In-vitro Permeation Studies using Phytoconstituents as Potential Skin Penetration Enhancers for a Model Drug Aceclofenac
M40IVRT study of a topical delivery system for local anesthesia in dental treatments
M41Microparticulate nasal drug delivery system for treatment of Parkinson’s disease – development and in vitro release studies
M42Novel nanofiber insert for management of dry eye disease
M43Optimization and evaluation of herbal drug-loaded phytosomal powder for weight loss
M44Oral fast dissolving film of rivaroxaban with the improved solubility and dissolution
M45PBPK modelling and simulation of midazolam & Itraconazole and their drug-drug interaction
M46Preparation and Characterization of olive oil entrapped floating Microbeads for sustained delivery of Metformin HCl
M47SNEDDS based oral film: A promising drug delivery strategy for solubility enhancement of BCS-II drug
M48Studies of influence of excipients on dissolution profile of Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) loaded Supersaturated Silica-Lipid hybrid (super-SLH) oral drug delivery system
M49Supersaturable Bio-Self-Nanoemulsifying Drug Delivery System for Improving Oral Bioavailability of Dasatinib
M50Topical Semisolid Formulations of Celecoxib: Evaluation and comparison using IVRT and IVPT

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