Winners of DRPI-2021

Grande Finale - 17th July 2021

SPDS Young Researcher 2021 :: Industry Category

1st Prize
Ms. Renuka Tiwari

Title: In-vitro Dissolution vs In-vitro Lipolysis: Which is Better to Predict the in-vivo Performance of Lipid Formulations
Affiliation: Gattefosse India Pvt. Ltd
Co-authors: Dr. Agnivesh Shrivastava, Dr. Ketkee Deshmukh, Dr. Sunil Bambarkar,  Dr. Kavita Singh

Runners up

Dr. Amit Patel
Sushen Medicamentos Pvt. Ltd
Runner up 1

Title: Evaluation of targeted and controlled drug release multi-particulate formulation with dual release mechanism through in-vitro and in-vivo approach

Mr. Jayendrakumar Patel
Pyrrhic Pharma Private Limited
Runner up 2

Title: Development of Novel Discriminating Dissolution Model for Osmotic Drug Delivery System
Co-authors: Dr. Rakesh Patel,  Mr. Shalin Parikh, Ms. Shwetaben Patel

SPDS Young Researcher 2021 :: PhD Category

1st Prize
Mr. Kaushik Kuche

Title: Supersaturated Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery System for Improving Oral Bioavailability of Quercetin
Affiliation: NIPER, S. A. S. Nagar
Co-authors: Dr. Sanyog Jain, Mr. Arvind Sirvi,  Mr. Dasharath Chaudhari, Dr. Sameer S. Katiyar, Mr. Rohan Ghadi, Mr. Tushar Date

Runners up

Ms. Amanpreet Kaur
Runner up 1

Title: Discriminatory Dissolution study of Nano-crystal loaded micro-particles for fixed dose combination of simvastatin and ezetimibe
Co-authors: Prof. Arvind K Bansal,  Mr. Snehashis Nandi  

Ms. Saman Fatima
Runner up 2

Title: Dissolution studies on HSA nanoparticles encapsulating Ropinirole for targeted delivery in brain to treat ischemic stroke
Co-authors: Prof. Farhan Jalees Ahmad,  Prof. Suhel Parvez, Dr. M. Samim 

SPDS Young Researcher 2021 :: MPharm Category

1st Prize
Mr. Vikram Joshi

Title: Understanding the in vivo behavior of celecoxib-sodium polymeric amorphous salt solid dispersions using biorelevant dissolution
Affiliation: NIPER, SAS Nagar
Co-authors: Dr. Abhay Sangamwar, Mr. Sumit Mukesh 

Runners up

Ms. Shweta Mittal
Delhi Pharmaceutical sciences and Research University
Runner up 1

Title: Increased bioavailability of levobunolol from nanoparticle-laden contact lenses for glaucoma therapy
Co-authors: Prof. Meenakshi K Chauhan, Mr. Aman Sharma, Mr. Navneet Shrivastav, Mr. P K Sahoo 

Ms. Rani Gorde
Runner up 2

Title: In-Vitro Blood-Brain Barrier Model: Development and Validation
Co-authors: Prof. Vandana Patravale,  Mr. Shivraj Naik

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