Winners of DRPI-2022

Grande Finale - 16th July 2022

1st Prize
Ms. Trinette Fernandes

Title: pH- Triggered Nanoparticle loaded Gel for Prevention of Vaginal Transmission of HIV
Affiliation: BNCP, Mumbai
Guide: Dr. Sujata Sawarkar, BNCP, Mumbai

Runners up

Mr. Rohan Ghadi
Runner up 1

Title: “Glutamine trap” driven mixed micelles of lapatinib with amplified apoptosis inducing potential for targeting Triple Negative Breast Cancer
Guide: Prof. Sanyog Jain, NIPER Mohali  

Ms. Mansi Damani
Runner up 2

Title: Preparation and characterization of Electrospun Fluocinolone Acetonide Nanofibers for Tretament of Posterior Uveitis
Guide: Dr. Munira Momin, BNCP, Mumbai

SPDS Young Researcher 2022 :: MPharm Category

1st Prize
Ms. Sakshi Shah

Title: Intrinsic and apparent dissolution of different crystal habits of Fenofibrate using USP Type IV apparatus
Affiliation: NIPER, SAS Nagar
Guide: Prof. Arvind Bansal, NIPER Mohali 

Runners up

Ms. Simranjeet Kaur
Runner up 1

Title: Deep Eutectic System (DES) of Quercetin for improvement of solubility and oral bioavailability

Guide: Prof. Arvind Bansal, NIPER Mohali

Mr. Akshay Usare
Runner up 2

Title: Preparation, optimization, characterization and in vitro lipolysis-permeation of self-nano emulsifying drug delivery system containing linagliptin and quercetin
Guide: Prof. Sanyog Jain, NIPER Mohali


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